Rouaida created jewellery in Lebanon for many years before establishing a workshop in rural Yorkshire. Often described as the Riviera of the Middle East, Lebanon is world famous for pioneering style and innovation in fashion and jewellery design.

Swapping the olive groves of Mount Lebanon for the heather-clad foothills of the Pennines, Rouaida's inspiration continues to draw heavily upon the vibrant culture and history of her home country, where she grew up close to the ancient city of Byblos with its remarkably preserved Roman harbour (pictured) and bustling souks.

Rouaida's latest designs combine traditional artisan technique with sterling silver, 18ct gold, semi-precious stones, diamonds and pearls. Individual pieces range from the understated elegance of a single pearl offset on a polished silver ring, to stylish diamond rings and sophisticated necklaces that skilfully combine angles, curves, textures and lustrous stones.

Every piece of jewellery leaving Rouaida's workshop, from simple rings to intricate necklaces, embodies her passion for outstanding design and cutting-edge style. Lovingly crafted by hand, no two pieces are exactly the same and Rouaida's creative enthusiasm means they are often only available in limited numbers.

Rouaida's aspirations are ambitious yet simple - to offer quality jewellery that is desirable, affordable and reflects a unique contemporary style backed by a high standard of  personal service that encourages loyal customers.

We sincerely hope that you will become one of them ...