Our Mission

Why we do what we do

It frustrates us to see so much over-priced, mass-produced jewellery on the high street, especially when so much of it manages to look similar from one shop window to the next.

We believe there is no substitute for unique design, skilfully crafted using artisan techniques that have been handed down through generations. ‘Hand-finished’ is not the same as handmade.

When we dress up for a special evening, we enjoy wearing jewellery that reflects our personal taste and style. We are so confident that we’re not alone that we created jewellery for people who think the same. As a result, our jewellery is now displayed in selected galleries across the UK.

We love what we do, because life is too precious to waste doing otherwise ...


What we do (and what we don't)

We’re a small team who share a love of the good things in life, especially family and friends. We count our customers as our friends.

We also get really excited by innovative design and quality of service (yes, we really do). Most of our business is managed in-house and all our jewellery is handmade in our riverside studio in Yorkshire.

We believe in living lightly and offering value for money: we’re careful about who we buy precious metals and stones from and we value real relationships with our customers over making lots of money (even though that would be nice).

Finally, we don’t say one thing and do another. Our parents wouldn’t be happy if we did.