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Prompt and free delivery

We offer free delivery to our customers in the UK, USA, Canada and many European countries. Please see our Terms & Conditions for information on eligible countries and contact us if you have special requirements.


NAJ Award for Excellence in Jewellery

Rouaida's jewellery has been recognised with another prestigious award! Her latest collection received the National Association of Jewellers Award for Excellence in Jewellery at the British Craft Trade Fair Online. In presenting the award, the judges commended our 'remarkable online growth and development, as well as their fantastic website photography capturing their stunning contemporary style, inspired by ancient cultures and the inherent beauty of nature'. Naturally, we're both humbled and delighted.


Displays & exhibitions

Rouaida's jewellery is increasingly on display in galleries and museums around the UK including the prestigious British Museum in London.


National Association of Jewellers Award for Excellence in Jewellery.