Our Story

Rouaida has been creating artisan jewellery for over 10 years

Rouaida's unique designs are strongly influenced by the cultural richness of Lebanon, where she grew up amidst the high fashion and sophisticated style which are synonymous with the country’s cosmopolitan capital city.

Previously available only in selected galleries and boutiques in Beirut and the luxury ski resort of Faraya, Rouaida’s jewellery designs came to the attention of a new clientele when she relocated her workshop to the UK in 2015.

Now living and working in a converted mill at the foot of the Ryburn valley, Rouaida has swapped the olive groves of Mount Lebanon for the heather-clad foothills of the Pennines. As a result, she increasingly draws inspiration from the varied beauty of the rugged Yorkshire countryside surrounding the village community she now calls home.

Rouaida invests herself in every piece of jewellery that she skilfully crafts by hand, lovingly combining silver and gold with semi-precious stones, diamonds and pearls into eye-catching jewellery that is as unique and individual as you are.