Caring for Your Jewellery



Separate your jewellery - gemstones can easily scratch other gemstones, pearls or precious metals, and delicate chains can become tangled.

Keep your jewellery wrapped in the acid-free tissue paper in which it was supplied to reduce tarnishing.

Store your jewellery in sealed plastic bags along with a fresh anti-tarnish strip, which absorbs sulphides and other air pollutants

Take extra care with pearls which are a natural product and easily scratched or discoloured by makeup, hairspray and household cleaners.


Wearing your Jewellery

Put your jewellery on last when dressing and remove it first when undressing to reduce the possibility of snagging it on your clothing.

Do not expose your jewellery to deodorant, perfume, makeup or suntan lotion which can tarnish precious metals, cloud gemstones and discolour pearls.

Remove jewellery before bathing, especially in chlorinated or salt water.



Gently clean your jewellery with the supplied cloth to remove dust, oils and other surface contaminants.

Do not rub matt, textured or gold-plated surfaces as they can be irreversibly damaged. 

Do not immerse pearls or gemstones in ‘silver dip’ type cleaners as they may discolour, soften and lose their lustre.