Sizing Information


Ring Size 

It is important that you choose the correct ring size to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. Our rings are available in the following sizes:


Ring Size Internal Diameter (mm)
I 47.6
J 49.2
K 50.8
L 52.4
M 53.2
N 54.0
O 55.6
P 57.2
Q 57.8
R 58.7
S 60.3


To help you determine your correct ring size, you can order a ring sizer (pictured) from our web site at a nominal charge of £1.99, including delivery. This charge will be refunded if you subsequently purchase one of our rings.


Chain Bracelet Size

Our chain bracelets feature an adjustable chain and bolt ring that accommodates most common wrist sizes and preferences. Please contact us if you have a particular requirement.


Cuff Bracelet Size

Cuff bracelet size is defined by the inside length of the bracelet. You can order our cuff bracelets according to the following size table:


Cuff Bracelet Size Inside length (cm)
S 15.00 and below
M 17.00 - 17.50
L 17.50 - 20.00
XL 20.50 and above


Bangle Sizes

The correct size of a closed bangle depends on personal preference, but it must pass easily over a clenched hand. You can measure the circumference of your clenched hand using a tape measure and order closed bangles according to the following sizes:


Bangle Size Clenched Hand Circumference (cm)
S 19.00
M 20.50
L 22.00
XL 23.50